About us

Our Essence

Reves La Veste embodies a modern stylistic narrative that articulates the ABC of professional life. With every stitch and silhouette, we celebrate individuality, empowering you to express your unique persona in the corporate realm. Our creations are more than just garments, they are an extension of your distinct professional narrative.

Our Vision

Born from a desire to dress the uniqueness of personalities, Reves La Veste seeks to revolutionise workwear, blending aesthetics with functionality. Our designs are a tribute to women’s energetic and empowering strides in the corporate sector, aiding them in carving their unique identity.

Our Creation

Classic Workwear

Our meticulously crafted blazers, suits, trousers, and skirts are designed to echo the dynamism of today’s high performance corporate culture.

Heritage Couture

This special range celebrates Indian fabrics, weaving tradition with contemporary style

Art Couture

Our Art-Couture range is a canvas where fashion meets art, inspired by various contemporary Indian artists

Men's Line

It’s all about distinctiveness and flair, offering fresh ways to sport
professional and casual wear.

Design Philosophy

Every Reves La Veste design originates from the standpoint of research and a practical understanding of Indian body types. Our patterns range from eclectic shapes to smart, comfortable fits, extending to free-size and gender-free attire, all curated to contour diverse anatomies.

Fabrics and Finesse

Our fabrics are sourced globally from countries like Taiwan and Italy, as well as locally from India, adhering to high testing standards. Special machines in our manufacturing units ensure the perfect fit and smooth seams, embellished with sophisticated accessories like buttons, zips, hooks, and tags.

Community and Collaboration

Reves La Veste is committed to creating communities that inspire positive living. We collaborate with artisans and craft persons across India, bringing beautiful techniques of weaving, embroidery, printing, and dyeing into the limelight, empowering the communities behind these art forms.

The Minds Behind Reves La Veste

Rajini Rekha

A practicing artist, curator, designer, and the Founder and Director of Reves Art
Gallery. Rajini’s journey from the prestigious NIFT to the multinational brand Tommy Hilfiger has
culminated in the creation of Reves La Veste, blending art and economics in fashion.

Mr. Govindaraju

With over 25 years of experience in producing men’s clothing, Mr.
Govindaraju, the Founder and Director of Nuvocraft Apparels India Private Limited, brings
immense expertise in attire manufacturing, contributing to a greater fashion experience.

Join Our Journey

We invite you to explore our collections, rewrite fashion with us, and make Reves La Veste a part of your
own signature wardrobe. Together, let’s redefine the landscape of professional attire, one
elegant outfit at a time.